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Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery prides itself on being the only plastic surgery center located on the world famous same named street in Beverly Hills. We provide upscale service and expertise to our patients and have successfully changed the way plastic surgery is performed.   Below are some ways in which we stand out from the crowd.


Our gorgeous offices were built with patient care, safety and satisfaction in mind. Our staff is well versed in the various needs of our plastic surgery patients so that we can help you achieve the smoothest and best experience possible. It all starts with our medical direct, Dr. Lloyd Krieger.  He trained and studies at excellent institutions.  This includes Stanford and UCLA.  As a resident, he won an award for best resident research project.  This focused on optimizing care of plastic surgery patients. 


Our rewarding patient care programs set us apart from other plastic surgery locations.  They are individually tailored to our valued patients so that they feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable. We have a state of the art outpatient surgery center attached to our office so that you may have your procedures done in the comfort and safety of our main Beverly Hills office. This facility has been inspected and certified by the Federal Government to assure the highest level of safety in our layout, staff training and credentials, and equipment. It also saves you a trip to a crowded hospital and allows for your surgery to be done in a secure, confidential setting.

We offer several innovations to how deliver care and this has gotten attention.  Recent articles and newscasts have interviewed our staff and medical director from as far away as Australia and Switzerland.  When you come in to meet us, we think you will see why so many people are interested in our type of services.

We specialize in cosmetic face and body procedures. Here are a few of the types of things you can speak with us about, and for which you can expect expert care:

    We want you to feel confident going forward with us.  Call us today so we can start working on a program for getting you all the information you need.
    Telephone (310) 550-6300 

    We look forward to meeting you soon!

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